How Do You Say Justice in Mixteco?

How Do You Say Justice in Mixteco?

June 10th, 2008 – by David Bacon: Fresno, California – Erasto Vasquez was surprised to see a forklift appear one morning outside his trailer near the corner of East and Springfield, two small rural roads deep in the grapevines, ten miles southwest of Fresno. He and his neighbors pleaded with the driver, but to no avail. The machine uprooted the […]

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Experts: Triqui dad in Greenfield followed culture’s marriage tradition

Fourteen-year-old girl offered to man, 18, in exchange for dowry January 20, 2009 Experts who have lived among and studied the Triqui people of Oaxaca, Mexico believe that what happened to a Greenfield family, who authorities say allowed their 14-year-old daughter to live with a man as husband and wife, is a tragic misunderstanding of an honored tradition. The Monterey […]

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Immigration Reform: The Dignity Campaign

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(Español) Mujeres que se Organizan Avanzan

(Español) Mujeres que se Organizan Avanzan

Un video sobre los logros de mujeres mixtecas en Oaxaca, que se han organizado atravéz de las Cajas Comunitarias de Ahorro para apoyarse en sus comunidades. Este video fue posible gracias a un donativo de la Fundacion Ford al Departmento de Estudios Latinoamericanos y Latinos de la Universidad de California, Santa Cruz.

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Lethal Force Policies Should be Revised by LAPD: FIOB

The fact that Los Angeles Police Commission has decided to exonerate Officer Frank Hernandez of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), after having caused the death of Manuel Jaminez Chux, an indigenous Guatemalan, has set a bad example because it leaves members of the migrant community in a vulnerable position in dealing with law enforcement. First of all, the Binational […]

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Baja California


Fundraiser for Binational Assembly

Fundraiser for Binational Assembly

We are kindly solicit donations from our friends, allies, supporters and our community to cover the expenses of our Binational General Assembly that will take place in Oaxaca, Mexico this coming October, 2014.  Every three years, FIOB organizes a binational congress with its membership at the binational level to make significant changes in its structure, work, etc.  This is a […]

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Indulgencies: traditional recipes and cultural resistance

Indulgencies: traditional recipes and cultural resistance

Indigenous Migrants present book and documentary about traditional recipes at the binational level Los Angeles, California.- Members of the Binational Center for the Development of Oaxacan Indigenous Communities (CBDIO) and the Binational Front of Indigenous Organizations (FIOB), in an effort to rescue and preserve traditional indigenous Oaxacan recipes, present simultaneously in Los Angeles and Mexico City a recipe book and […]

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(Español) La experiencia del FIOB, crisis interna y futuros retos

En memoria de mi papá Primo Domínguez Tapia, Reconocido Médico Tradicional, por él soy lo que soy ahora. 1926-2000 Por: Rufino Domínguez Santos* Introducción personal Durante mi niñez trabajé en el campo con mi papá, lo mismo cuidando ganado que cargando leña en mi espalda, acarreando agua y moliendo el nixtamal; al mismo tiempo cursé la educación primaria en mi […]

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