Continue Resistance Against the Anti-immigrant Law in Arizona, FIOB’s Call

April 30, 2010 at

In view of the law SB 1070 approved by the State Congress and the Governor of Arizona, Janice Brewer, which criminalizes all migrants and our families, the Binational Front of Indigenous Organizations (FIOB) calls upon the migrant community and the organizations defending the civil rights to use all legal resources and social mobilization to revert this unconstitutional and unjust law.

The legislation approved by the state congress on April 19 and then signed by the governor on April 23 2010, contains provisions that allows police and Sheriff officers to stop individuals who are suspicious “of being undocumented” to turn them over to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement; making it a crime for immigrants without documents seeking employment, authorizes confiscating vehicles that transport people without documents, and enables arresting individuals helping or providing assistance to undocumented individuals.

However, experts maintain that this legislation is unconstitutional because applying migration laws corresponds to the federal government.

FIOB urges the immigrant community and the organizations which defend civil and human rights to continue the resistance against this racist law and to file civil lawsuits in the federal courts, to join protest demonstrations on May 1st , and after, to support economics boycotts calls which will have an impact in Arizona’s economy.

We firmly denounce the Anti-immigrant law “SB 1070” in Arizona, and we believe that no state or city law can be above the United States Constitution, as well as the International Convention of the Human Right Organization of the United Nation (ONU).

We will make a call to the others states in the county to not take these practices and discriminatory attitudes. We also call to the United States society to be more tolerant and understand that migration is a product of agreements like NAFTA and neoliberal policies impose by the United States government to Mexico and Latin America’s governments.

We disapprove the anti-immigrant discourse of California’s candidates to governor and Utah’s Congressmen because they want to utilize migrant to win votes ignoring that this matter is under federal jurisdiction.

This law has not paralyzed the migrant community; on the contrary, it’s uniting us more than ever to demand the legislative and executive branch of the United State for a just and comprehensive Immigration Reform.

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