Youth Project


The Youth Coordination, a new branch, was adopted in the statutes of the organization in October 2010 in the city of Oaxaca. . In order to respect and open a space of harmony between youth and adults for the benefit of the community, the involvement of youth is furthered by the local bases at a binational level. As component recently formalized, the youth coordination is in the process of having specific programs for the youth, however the committees of FIOB in their respective areas are organizing events by the youth and for the youth to meet their needs. Below are a recent activities that hav been driven by the youth at a binational level.

United States:
– Los Angeles,CA
The youth coordination of Los Angeles, CA, have presented workshops on decolonization  and healthy relationships . Although the process of  idealogical change on decolonization can never happen within a day or two, some changes are  noticed and recognized not only within the FIOB members, but also by the accounts of people who attend these workshops. There are some that have had changes in their quality of life.  These informative workshops resolve uncertainties and help with the learning of new information. Those who  assist the workshops add greatly to the organization and are vital to reaching more people with greater efficiency, they impel improvement of the structure of our work. We are all organizers.


  • workshops of Action deferred with lawyer Robert Foss
  • workshops of Bullying
  • photography classes in coordination of Antonio Nava
  • education workshops (apply for college, scholarships, students AB540)
  • workshops of decolonization

– Fresno,CA

The base in Fresno is currently working in a series of workshops,talks for the whole family. The objective of this program is to increase self-esteem among youth and young adults and to help prepare them for academic and personal success through interactive workshops on indigenous identity, migration, art and activism, labor rights and more. They are divided as followed.

  • Workshops for young people between 12-18 years old
  • Introduction to art  for children 5-11 years old.
  • Information for parents about how to support the education of their children.

Oaxaca & Baja California

In Oaxaca the participation of young in FIOB is active, however activities are are lead by youth rather they participate in the organization as volunteers or within programs.  Part of the work of the of local bases and the binational coordination of youth affairs is to have projects or specific programs for development youth leadership.
The political, social and economic differences that exists in our communities of origin from the communities in the United States, force us to adopt different mechanisms of how to involve the youth.

The binational coordinator of youth has visited youth groups in the colony of San Quintin, in Baja California and in different communities in Oaxaca. These visits have helped to developed youth networks at a binational leve, which have further the planning of a gethering in California.

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