About Us


FIOB is constituted as a group of organizations, communities and individuals (men and women) from various backgrounds, who have decided to join efforts, ideas and projects over the economic, political, social and cultural factors that our indigenous brothers/ sisters migrants and non-migrants face in Mexico and the United States , to fight for respect for their rights and identity as indigenous peoples.

FIOB members are committed to fight with loyalty to the principles of freedom, justice, democracy and equality for our people, understanding this as the right of our communities to its political and economic autonomy, that is, their right to freely decide their destination, the improvement of their material life, respect for human rights, territory, natural resources and culture.

The FIOB determines the right of indigenous peoples within and outside Mexico, to organize autonomously in defense, rescue, dissemination and consolidation of their customs, languages ​​and cultures.

The basic principle remains FIOB struggle and awareness against all forms of oppression and injustice, rejecting any form of discrimination, abuse and exploitation of the labor force of our / os sisters / os indigenous. Consequently, we strive for unity and solidarity with other workers / migrants and non-migrants, respecting the forms of organization and procedure that they adopt.

The FIOB maintain respectful relations with all social, political, cultural and religious uphold justice, freedom and human dignity. At the same time in solidarity with the struggle of other national minorities in the United States and the struggle of those people worldwide who seek freedom from hunger, injustice, poverty, discrimination, marginalization, political oppression and all forms of human rights violation.

The FIOB argues that Mexico and the United States require political, economic, legal and social carried eliminate the causes that have led to poverty, lack of respect for the rights of / the workers / as, unemployment, unsanitary, political repression and police, government corruption and lack of democracy, as we have been and are victims of this situation. For this reason, we support any political and civic activity that is aimed at eliminating situations of marginalization and repression and democratic countries to achieve economic development, popular and binational whose multiethnic, multicultural and multilingual is widely recognized in a respectful, honoring international treaties signed by the two countries and to provide for the protection of our rights / sisters os / os indigenous.

The FIOB respects freedom of thought, religion, criticism and privacy of its members. We joined the struggle and defend our rights as workers, our indigenous origin and our common problems, so the FIOB is defined as a group of organizations, communities and individuals in a democratic, pluralistic, independent of government, political parties and religious bodies where decisions are taken collectively and responsibly by the majority of its members.

In the struggle for general and specific objectives, set out in its Programme of Action, FIOB peaceful exercise collective mobilization, the orientation of its members, the approach of their claims before various authorities and reporting by all possible means to the disrespect and violation of our constitutional individual and collective rights.